Friday Foto Finish 1.2.09

Wednesday night, Jen and Brian had a couple of friends over for New Years and they toasted with this fantastic tequila!  We even got to share the little one in the middle!
When they went to Mexico on their honeymoon (pre monkey) they fell in love with this tasty stuff.  B found a bottle and gave it to Jen for Christmas.  It brought back all the memories of their vacation and they have vowed to go back someday.  Hopefully with monkeys!

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the blue logo on the bottle kind of looks like their head

Candid Carrie

You mean you had a life before the B & G?

For real?


I'm not a fan of tequila (anymore)....but I LOVE Mexico!!!


I have some bad memories with tequila. Let's just leave it at that.


Happy New Year to the Monkeys!! And to you too!!

Mama Dawg


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