Say it ain't so...

Are you sure about this?  I don't know if I am brave enough to leave the warm comfy goodness of the bed yet.  You are sure it is above zero today.....
Wow, it actually is in the double digits above zero today.  Kick booty!  The last few days we have stayed in the executive suites because the temperatures were in the negative and windchill up to -40.  No time for a minkee to be out, unless you are a snow minkee which we are not!  OK, let's get out of bed!
Maybe we can just wear Jen's sweater until we readjust to the apartment temperature....  Wait.....No....We're Cold.....Man she took her sweater back.....  I hope she doesn't notice I farted in it.....

Guillermo Out!


This Mom

I just Love their little eyes peaking out of your sweater.

Hope your perfume covered the smell though...;0)

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