Bad Jen... NO! Stay away!

Bad Jen.... NO! Stay away from us till its covered!
Jen came home from work today diseased! She has worms! Two of them on her right arm in the shape of a ring. No minkee cuddles from her till those are covered. We don't need to get them and spread worms in this household!

Hey Jen, the fish eat worms, why don't you stick your arm in there? No, well it was just a suggestion! She can get so cranky sometimes!

You would be too minkee if you had ringworms, especially with the treatment!


Mama Dawg

I love the lingerie bag. Great protection with all those little holes!


That would freak me out. Worms....in...me....nonononononono


Ring worms are a virus, not real worms. It just looks like a red ring on my arm. Right now it just looks like dry skin, so I guess the jock itch cream worked!


The minkees are very creative with their disease protectioh devices.

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