One Tough Nut!

Hello all! In celebration of our "Lost" FINALLY returning to TV, we decided to get something special to celebrate. What? you may ask. Well, what makes you think of the jungle more than: coco-nawts! (and Kate.....hoot, hoot, if you know what I mean).

Now let's get this baby OPEN! Hmm.....never thought about that.

Being minkees, we are naturally peaceful, and didn't want to hurt the nut if possible. Guillermo suggested it looked like a big egg...maybe one of us should sit on it and try to hatch it. I think he might have been pulling my leg, but I decided to give it a shot. Pretty useless though, and it made my little minkee harbles itch somethin' FIERCE!

We hit the 'gadget' drawer in the kitchen, looking for possible implements of coco-nawt entry. Unfortunately, G-mo was easily distracted with all the shiny objects and got 'off-task' a few times. He insisted I publish this photo of one of his more impressive 'finds':

But back to our job at hand. I got some scissors...and with Brian closely supervising tried them out: no joy. I mean, they were big and shiny and EVERYTHING, but all I could do was clip a little of the stem off. Guillermo said that 'must be the dark meat'. Ha ha, Stinky. Laugh it up...let's try to see YOU get into this puppy!

Fortunately, he said he 'had JUST the thing!' Unfortunately, the 'thing' he had was a melon-baller. I told him to knock himself out, but to be prepared for disappointment! I have to admit, he gave it his all...I mean, he melon-balled the HELL outta that coco-nawt, but alas: not even a dent.

As I expected, the mocha-minkee did NOT take the news well. As he put it: "It's time to get MEDIEVAL on this mutha!". Once again, with Brian's close supervision (and a safety helmet), Guillermo took it to Stage 2, all the while muttering vague, disturbing threats under his breath: "Gonna put some SAUCE on it", and "I WILL taste your sweetness!". Yeah...I know.

Once again....nothing! We're out of ideas, I don't know if we're EVER going to get this thing open!
Wait a minute...I think I have an idea............................


Mama Dawg

THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!! I love this story, complete with pictures.


Dear lord, what are you two doing while I'm at work?!?

This Mom

Don't you think that a minkee Fart would at least crack that Nut???

Veggie Mom

I must say...Guillermo & Bernardo are too cute. And quite resourceful, too!

Ann On and On...

You crack me up! I love your creativity.


That safety helment looks oddly like half of a plastic Easter egg. Am I right?

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