Minkee Test Kitchen - Iron Chef inspiration

Last night on Iron Chef the theme ingredient was Bananas.  AWESOME!!!!!  That inspired us to head into the kitchen and see what we can concoct.  Bernardo, started out by mashing up some Banana Cheerios with the meddler he found in the drawer.  After they get nice and grainy we had Jen coat some banana pieces with it and fry them up.  (we aren't allowed near the oven...)
Last night they also featured a 'new' cooking technique where the food is vacuum sealed and placed in hot water.  We couldn't think of what to cook, but our summer resident frog had an idea.....
He hopped his body into this Ziploc vacuum seal bag and sealed himself up. 
Afterward he went for a nice, relaxing dip in some warm water.  Not too warm though!  We didn't want him to cook.  I don't think frog and banana go together!
For an appetizer we created Banana shaved ice.  We took some of the Popsicles from the freezer and saved them down and put a little banana Cheerio crunch on top.  It was a hit.
Here is the close up pre crunch.  Yummo!  
Last but not least was a banana martini with Carmel sauce.  We added some class by topping it off with a strawberry.
Bernardo had to come over and make sure it was top quality.
Unfortunately it won't make it to any competition because we kinda drank it.  Don't put anything banana in front of these minkees because we can't help ourselves.
Speaking of which, where did the banana Cheerios go?????


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