Rainy Day Blues

It started storming while we were still in bed sleeping.  Lost of thunder and lightning and an all day downpour.  What are a couple of minkees supposed to do?
First of all we headed out to the sunporch and helped Jen work on her puzzle.  Not really a minkee thing, but what else is there to do.  Plus do you know how hard it is to put puzzle pieces in place with nipple hands?!?  It is really hard.
Then we headed into the house to check out the aquariums.  This is the new Beta, Blanco.  He was named that because when he was first brought home he was pure white.  As he ages he becomes more red everyday.  

In the other aquarium all of the fish were hiding so we had to find something else.
We figured that since it is so cold outside that we would don some hats and settle down with a good book.
We picked up Babar's Yoga for Elephants.  There were some funny looking poses in there.  We did try some out (in the privacy of the basement) and had a day with it.
Tomorrow it will be a better day.  91 and humid.  We can work on our minkee fros a
nd play in front of the fan.  God times, good times!



man, that rainy street is a view i miss...

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