OMG! We've been robbed!

What is going on in here! We come in from playing to find this!!! Someone stole the entertainment center! Why would they leave the T.V.? OMG they must be coming back! Help, help, call 911 our little nipple hands won't do the trick. Damn it Jen, you made us without opposable thumbs! How are we ever going to be able to forgive you? And you know how cute we are, the robbers are going to take us away! Help! Help! We are going to go hide out on the sun porch! We'll be under the futon, come get us when you get home. I hope I can contain myself and not be heard!!! (insert anxious fart sound here...)

Wait a minute. Why is the entertainment center out here? And so it the book case and floor rug. OH, that right, Jen and Brian are getting new carpet tomorrow. Yeah, we will be able to make carpet angels. They told me I have to be careful not to leave any 'marks' on the new carpet or I may have to start wearing pants. I like being naked, (unless we're at karate class) I don't want to wear anything unless its on my head!

By the way, Bernardo drew our portraits on Jen's calendar, how do they look? I think they are cool. He is really able to capture our essence!

As always, don't forget to add a question for our Ask a monkey series. (It will be a short series if we don't get more questions.)



That opening pic made me crack up! I could see the dismay in their eyes! That's it, you are going on my blog roll.

Mama Dawg

I want to know what kind of topping you little monkeys like on your pizza.

And...what is the meaning of life? (at least for monkeys)

Candid Carrie

Alright, Mink1 and Mink2. I know that when a carpet is sick you call The Rug Doctor, but how does a carpet get laid?


Well Carrie, if that IS your real name...carpet gets "laid" by Dr. Shagsalot...AKA Mr. SniffNcarpet...AKA Silas T. Rugmuncher. DUH!!! At least that is what Brian says. He is awesome.

Time for G-mo to hit the old sack. That Yukon Jack is a wicked temptress/hairy gold-miner. Bernardo has already passed out from her/his wickedness. Before he crashed, he wanted to say to everyone: "phrrrrrrrrt."

Happy Fourth of July, America!


Candid Carrie

Ah, so Brian does speak. He is very rarely quoted.

P.S. I knew Dick Shagsalot before he became a doctor. We dated for awhile right after high school. I hard he's become a really big prick since he got his doctorate.

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