Helping out...

We decided to be helpful little minkees today and vacuum the living room.  Jen and Brian are in the process of getting new carpet, but they still need to take care of this one...  

Anyway, Bernardo and I hopped on, hit the power and held on for dear life.  This puppy is wicked powerful.  We flew around the room at lightning speed.  It was scary!!!

Thats when Bernardo went into action.  He swooped down, a very daring move I say, and unplugged the vacuum before it could do any more damage.  He is pretty lucky he didn't get sucked up into this thing.  Like I said before, it is wicked powerful.  He is a very brave minkee if I do say so myself.

While down on the floor, Bernardo also found the 'Power Paw'.  That thing has some serious power! (hence the name)  It can pick up almost anything.  It has a lot of suction (insert giggles here).  He chased me around for a while, which was fun for a  while until......

So, that happend!!!  B-man, sometimes you can be such a butt!



Okay, I don't always comment, but I have to tell you, I always laugh!

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