Monkey Q & A

This week we are starting a new Sunday Special Segment Series: Monkey Q & A. Each week we will answer your questions. So with that said, do you have any questions you are dying to know the answers to? Ask us your questions and we will give you the best answers we can. Remember, we are monkeys.

This weeks first Q&A comes from BG (our co-writer) who asks:

I was just wondering why your "thinking caps" look like the dirty sock I left on the floor earlier today? Did you mean, "STINKING caps"?

G-Mo: Of course! Do you think we would put something on our heads that wouldn't stink?!?

I saw how sweaty you were coming off the treadmill. I let Guillermo take those socks, I mean caps, and got a fresh pair from the drawer. No way do I want your foot smell on my head.

Our second question comes from Rachel who asks:

Normally I like to take a bath to wind down, but since you are made of, well socks, how do you relax?
B-Man: After a long day of playing, going on adventures, what have you I enjoy a nice glass of wine and a good long suds and bubbles once a week. Occassionally I get an ear massage or a head scratch which always helps the wind down process. I also try to do yoga with Jen and Brian whenever I get the chance. Very relaxing, especially corpse pose, my personal best.
G-Mo: When I need to wind down, I fart. You meant wind, like 'the leaves were blowing in the wind' right? I have never heard of a wind down in a bath, but I guess you can fart anywhere.

Our third and final question of the day comes to us from Lori who asked:

Is the offspring of one's second cousin one's third cousin, or one's second cousin once removed? (This has been bothering me for years.)

Our initial Collective response is: MONKEY! However upon looking it up it seems the answer would be one's second cousin once removed. This is like reading Greek to us, so we may be wrong. Hope that answers your question. If not go with our inital response of: MONKEY!

You have a question, we have an answer. As always, you can ask your question by leaving us a comment or by e-mailing jen72175@gmail.com We will let you know when you will be featured in our series via e-mail (hopefully a couple days before) and add a link to your site when posted. We will try to answer as many questions as possible, but may not be able to get to everyone.



You minkees are so resourceful. (You don't mind if I call you "minkees", do you?) I'll have lots more questions for you.


Keep um coming sista!

Candid Carrie

Look at you two, growing up so fast. I am proud to say I knew you two when you were nothing more tha yarn and wishes.

Alright, not really but feel free to use it in the prologue of your book (with credit to me, of course).


winding down in the bath is nice because then you get bubbles....


True. There always seems to be more bubbles on G-Mo's side though.

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