Reunited and it feels so good.... :()

Tomorrow is the last day of school for Jen's students and she thought it only appropriate that the monkeys & Oreo spend one more night together.  Tomorrow, Quinten and Oreo are going in the prize basket for the game (appropriately titled) SKUNK.  It is pretty fun math game using dice that the students enjoy.  Besides more than two monkeys/animals in the house are too much for Jen to take care of this summer.  Quinten and Oreo aren't trained as well, and it will take too much time and effort to get them refined to the level of Guillermo of all monkeys.  (Not to mention a couple of the girls in the class have been eyeballing them asking if they can take care of them over the summer.)  I am sure they will be treated well.  However, I am sure they will be missed.  Next year, knitting club will have to have a special unit on knit animals.  


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