Maxims Hot 100

Each year Maxim magazine comes out with their 'Hot 100' issue.  (Jen was nice enough to buy a copy for us to peruse.)  We decided we needed our votes for our top 10 cuties on television.  So sit back, relax, and see if you agree with any of our pics....  (By the way, these are in no particular order.)

Guillermo's Girls
1. Kate from Lost (I'd like to traverse the jungle with her if you know what I mean!!!)
2. Corey from Hell's Kitchen (she can cook for me anytime!)
3. Padma from Top Chef (hubba hubba)
4. Rachel Ray (YUMMO!)
5. Sarah Michelle Gellar (She can slay me anytime!)
6. Jessica Biel (run from the chainsaw, run)
7.  Lois Griffin (she is one saucy cartoon hotty!)
8.  Alicia Silverstone (that sexy PETA)
9.  Anna Paquin (She can try to drain my power, if she dares!)
10.  Rachael Bilson (the OC the size of little ol' me!!!!)

Bernardo's Babes
1. Cat Cora (Greek Goddess of Gastronomy)
2.  Giada DeLaurentiis (Italian beauty)
3.  Stephanie our new Top Chef (I'll help you start a new restaurant!!!)
4.  Jessica Alba (lasso wielding vixon)
5. Elisha Cuthbert (I wish she lived next door!)
6.  Ali Larter (You can be my hero anytime)
7.  Jennifer Connelly (Best scene ever, when she is singing in Dark City.  Hoo, hoo, hoo)
8.  Eliza Dushku (I can turn this bad slayer good)
9.  Heidi Klume (have you seen the VS adds.  MEOW!)
10.  Megan Fox (the smokin chickie from Transformers.  Bernardo like!)


Candid Carrie

You guys are so worldly, I don't even know these women. I am a little surprised that we didn't have a top ten list from Brian. Unless he was the brains behind the Maxim list.

Or if Brian reveals who his top ten are, Jen might just have to separate his body parts and re-stuff him, if you know what I mean.


Brian is able to have his favorites. His would probably Brians hot 200! We have a standard rule of a 'free pass' for certain celebrities. (I think my list is longer than his!)

Where's George Clooney when you need him?

For that manner how about: Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, or Ewen McGreggor?

Candid Carrie

I know exactly where they are ... they are all at Jack Black's house. Do you want to go with me? We can take the Monkey Mobile ;)


Heck yeah! Let's go!

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