Monkeys Night Out

Last Night we headed off to the farm for some fun and games.  There was a full rainbow showing us the way there.  It was pretty cool as you can see.  It was even a double one, which we hear is rare.  We wanted to go find the end of it and play with the leprechaun but Jen said he probably isn't a friendly one.  She reminded us of that (really bad) movie about one and how he killed everyone who took his gold.  So we decided to keep going and leave the leprechaun alone. And besides: Farm = Fun + Games so we needed to get there ASAP!

Just in case Brian forgot how to get to the Farm, we decided to act as the GPS in the car.  The Gas Production System.  We apparently were too helpful because we were told if we didn't stop, Brian would pull over and put us in the trunk. So we just sat and waited in anticipation...... 

Apparently, the townspeople found out we were coming because they put out a sign just for us.  They are very thoughtful people!

Once at the farm it was time for some fun and games.  I tried to play the drum with my butt, but that didn't work so well.  Bernardo showed me how to play the right way.  He has pretty good rhythm for a monkey!  He played and I sang one of my favorite songs, Bang the Drum.  It was good times.

Then we found the cheese master 3000, Bernardo was good at playing that too.  He must have some musical talent.   My only talent is being cute (and a bit farty).  I wish I had that ability.  He said he would teach me how to play when we are at home, there is a piano, but I have to promise not to get all pouty when I do things wrong.  We will see if that actually happens!

Well, enough for now.  My little minkey paws are tired from typing this much.  I will write more later today and maybe show you some of the animals on the farm.  They were pretty cool.  The cat got a little too touchy with me at one point, but I am o.k.  Monkey out.... for now...



Townspeople. Farm. A sign just for you.

I love this place. Awesome double rainbow, too.


Can we see a picture of you typing at the computer, Guillermo? Pleeeeeze?


Strange request, but I think we can manage. Look for us in the upcoming week.

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