Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 2.0

Here is my addition for Candid Carries weekly Friday Foto Finish Fiesta. This picture makes me think of middle school boys. I am sure they would find this as hilarious! (Don't forget ladies and gentlemen I spend a bulk of my day with middle school kids and I know how there little minds work.) Those are the legs and arm of a future monkey in the making. It was taken back in December, I forgot I had it on my camera. Too funny not to share!



Jen, my first attempt I linked to the wrong picture (but any picture is a cute picture), so some people ended up at the SITS monkey (and that made me laugh out loud)!

And, today's picture looks just like middle school boys and I know you are with them all day because it reflects vividly in your sense of humor!

You and Brian are really grown-up, right?


I for one ended up at the SITS monkey and that makes me Laugh out loud.

I too am a 13-year-old boy at heart! But, without the pole.

Lex the mom

OMG! Way too hilarious not to share! I love it!

Did the monkey friend ever get finished? I have to ask!

Mama Dawg


My daughter is sitting here with me and after I explained what it was, she wanted me to post this:

"That is just plain funny!"

Thanks for the laugh.


That is funny!!! hahahaha


The monkey did get finished and was a Christmas present for one of the nephews. We have since gotten pictures of the monkey looking at some 'naughty' web sites. If you don't train them early, they are hard to control as they get older.

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