Field Trippin'

Hi ho, hi ho to grandmothers house we go.  Jen's folks are gone this week up to Door County, WI and she had to go over to their house to water the plants.  Well, actually she only went once.  It rained here so much that she didn't want the plants to drown.  We decided to tag along and check things out at their house while Jen was watering.  Plus, I think Brian needed a break. 

Here we found a lovely group of dogs to play with.  This one is perfectly minkee sized!  We didn't have to worry about being bitten or carried off at all.  The only problem, they weren't soft at all and they didn't move around a whole lot.  They were cool though!

This here is a statue of a guy who looks like Jen's old theater instructor from high school.  It has an uncanny likeness.  She seemed to wince a bit when she saw it and started muttering about having a chair thrown and being called a 'dolt'.  What's a dolt?  Anyway we had a lot playing left in store.

We found minkee pods that fit us perfectly.  There was a bottle in one of these slots, but we just opened it and drank it.  Playing can make you thirsty.  I felt a little funny at first, but I'm all right now.  Anyway, I think Jen and Brian need to get one of these.  Way fun to play in.  The only problem was it was a bit to short and our legs hung down in the back.  They started falling asleep, and we had to move on.

In the basement, we found this cool basket.  I have no idea why it is hanging on the wall.  Its not the only basket on the wall, weird.  Anyway, guess what state we live in?!?  Side note, the wall we had to climb up to get here is splintery.  I had to ask Bernardo to remove a sliver, which lead to grooming, giggling and fun.  We minkees like to be as clean a monkily possible!

On the way down to the basement, we found this little lady.  She is an Isabel Bloom creation made of concrete.  There are some pretty cool pieces that come in a couple of different finishes.  They even have a monkey!  We almost got one for Jen for Christmas last year, but it was a bit too creepy.  
By the way ladies, this is a tail between my legs, not my doodle.  I will write more in a bit.  Guillermo out! :()


Candid Carrie

I, too, thought it was a doodle. I even was going to comment on the fact that I thought you had been using some type of doodle enhancer.

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