Shakespearian Minkees

It is such a nasty day outside that we are stuck playing in here.  Between the thunderstorm warnings and tornado watches we figured we probably shouldn't play outside unless we want to get wet or blown away.  Plus, there is a bird living outside the sun porch giving us the evil eye.  I think she is waiting for us to come out there so she can get us and feed her babies!  

Anyway, we were playing in the closet and found a big book on the complete works of William Shakespeare.  Being sophisticated minkees, we know how to read and decided to act out part of the plays.  Here we are rehearsing Romeo and Juliet.  I told Guillermo its o.k. the one of us is playing the girl part, that's how they did it back in Shakespeare's time.  So, of course Guillermo then volunteered to be Juliet!

The problem with Guillermo (like there's only one) is whenever we get to the part where I, Romeo, say "But Soft! What light through yonder window breaks" Guillermo would lose it and start farting.  We have yet to get past that part in the play.  The little fellow just can't control himself when he thinks something is about gas!  Which may be good because I don't know how he would interpret the ending.  We will give it a try  little later and see if Guillermo can pull it together.  Who knows, maybe he will mature!



Well, it is G-man's fault. Shakespeare should not have written this dangerous combination of words: Butt Soft.

I am forty-nine and those two words together make me giggle and gas everytime.

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