The serious side of life... A Toast

I know the monkeys are usually funny and whimsical, but today I felt the need for some serious blog therapy.  I am dropping some heavy emotions, so reader be for warned.....

Today marked the passing of one of the most remarkable people I know, my grandmother. (Eric, if you are reading this grab the Kleenex now!)  To her, a toast:

To the woman who loved Yellow Roses, Fannie May Chocolates and Black Jelly Beans,
To the woman who read tawdry romances (in large print) to the end,
To the woman who rode an airplane once in her life, during The Great Depression,
To the woman who began telling stories with, "I'm not one to gossip..."
To the woman who accepted me and loved me no matter what,
To the woman who learned to read lips so she didn't have to wear her hearing aides,
To the woman who always cleaned her plate no matter how full it was at the holidays,
To the woman who at 95 saw my ankle tattoo and said, "What a pretty flower",
To the woman who would secretly/sneakily slip me a $5.00 bill every time I took her somewhere no matter how many time I tried to give it back,
To the woman who treated others with kindness and respect whether they deserved it or not,
I toast you.  You were loved by all that knew you, and will be greatly missed. 




Oh Jen, it is a beautiful, moving tribute and now I need Kleenix, too.

I raised my late night beverage of choice (Coca-Cola Cherry Zero) in her honor and I loudly declared Salute with you and for her.


That's lovely - salut Granma

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