Monkeys Night Out Pt. 2

Sorry to take so long to finish the post. We have been a little busy playing out in the jungle. We are forgetful little guys at times. Plus, we wanted to stop by and visit E & K in India to make sure they check out the post and see how some of their animals are doing. Now, on to finishing up about Saturday night's festivities....

Once at the farm we started off the evening with some adult beverages and games. Here we are playing a pretty fun game called Zombies!!! (We figured to pay tribute to the ultimately scary Friday the 13th.) You would think that this is a hard game, but not so much. Just roll some dice and kill some Zombies. Jen and I made her guys do a conga line. I think she should have paid more attention to the game because she died twice and had to go back to town square and start all over. The newbie, Nathaniel, won the game with flying colors.

During the game we caught a rare glimpse of the creature they call "Charlie". He is an elusive animal who does not seem to like people. He was pretty cool. He didn't get too close. I was kinda afraid of him and the other animals. Jen and Brian kept making jokes that we better not get to close or we might become a chew toy. To that I say "NO...NO!"

After the game we went into the living room for some relaxation and meditation. I had a close call with a creature simply known as "cat". Apparently, it had no name. Weird. I am a stuffed monkey and I have a name. Anyway, I was pretty frightened when this guy came up to me. I thought I was a goner, the whole chew toy thing flashed through my little head. I had a tactic though. I farted and scared the 'cat' away. Unfortunately, everyone left the room. They said it needed to air out for a while, which was fine by us. Bernardo started banging on the drum and I was at Burning Man all over again. Lots of dancing. It was tiring, but tons of fun!

The other creature, Rishi, hung out in the living room with us. He was a pretty cool. He smelled a little funky due to an encounter with a skunk, but I didn't mind. He could handle my stink, I could handle his. It wasn't too bad, but I didn't want to get too close just in case. Jen didn't seem to mind him. She got down on the floor and played with him for quite a while. Maybe the exposure to my posterior has made her numb to bad smells. Who knows?

After a while we all went out and made a fire pit. There was joking about using us a kindling. Bernardo and I did not find that funny. We stayed in Jen's coat pockets, we know that she wouldn't let anything happen to us. We listened to them tell stories and jokes and drink lots of beer. All in all it was a fun night. We were tuckered out by the time we left and we slept in the glove box on the way home. I guess Jen had a good time too, because she fell asleep in the car as well. We will have to go and visit the farm again sometime soon. Next time we go, we will have to check out the chickens and goats. (I don't think we will want to get too close to them though.)

Monkey out....


K & E


I love it
I love it
I love it

I'm so glad the minkeys could come out and play.

Candid Carrie

I want to see the monkey farts get lit on fire. I totally thought that is exactly where you were leading me.

Come on, I don't ask for much. This is only like the seventh or ninth thing I ever asked for here.

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