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Just a quick shout-out to Janos. We want to him to know that we are willing and able to tend bar in case of emergencies! However, we are pretty tiny fella's, so stock up on the egg crates if you want us to be able to see (and more importantly...BE SEEN!) over the bar. G-unit is wearing his cowboy hat, for maximum tips, he says. Personally, I think he's seen "Coyote Ugly" too many times. Though I guess seeing that movie just once would be "too many times". Peace out all.



I can honestly say that there are no other fauna (knit or otherwise)who I would rather have watching my back!!!
You rockin' little yarn primates can tend to my bar anytime you like .
However, Illinois health codes prohibit the flinging of feces (organic or otherwise)at patrons and/or fellow employees.
Obviously such esteemed pillars of society as yourselves are above this kind of behavior , I only mention the fact because of Corporate Insurance obligations.
Oh, and thanks for the shout out , I'm now a confirmed Two Knit Monkeys fanboy !!!
Hope to see you soon,


John- Thank you for your comments. However, we are still up for service as needed. We are healthy minkees, had our shots, no longer throw feces, and are a bit taller than Ryan so we may not need all the extra crates to stand on. Just take one or two off from what he has per night and will can rock it. We know how to make all kinds of tasty beverages and have created a delicious shot called "the monkey fart". I would share my recipe IF you persuade me the right way. By the way, do you think the hat will help on tips?!?

Candid Carrie

I can't wait to see the movie, "MonkeyTail" ...

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