Goodbye Kory, We'll Miss You!

We were so excited yesterday that Hell's Kitchen was on that we couldn't sit down long enough to blog.  We decided to spend our day making a poster to show our support for our mostest favoritest Hell's Kitchen Chef, Kory. (I didn't have the heart to tell Guillermo he spelled her name wrong.)  Well, that turned out to be a waste of time!  She was voted off the show to much of our surprise.  We all thought she was going to win!  She seemed to kick some serious booty in the kitchen!  Chef Ramsay let the girl who burned him TWICE stay over Cory, NO WAY!!!

Guillermo took the news the worst.  He hid in Brian's shirt whining and moaning for a couple of hours.  We couldn't even say words that started with a K sound or he would start in again.  It made conversation interesting though.  The little guy was quite smitten with her.  The good news is that we get to see her cook one more time on the season finale.  Once we mentioned that, G-man was up and running all over again.  I guess it doesn't take a monkey long to recover.  Bernardo out!



okay this is the most random bit....As I go through "Boobs, Injuries, and Dr. Pepper" trying to find new blogs to read, I am watching my taped "Hell's Kitchen". I startled my hubby when I started swearing about knowing who gets cut when I opened your blog :D


So sorry. I thought about posting SPOILER ALERT! Enjoy the episode. Chef Ramsay is pretty harsh tonight!


No prob, as long as my fella Petrozza made it I am fine

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