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Do you have any questions you are dying to know the answers to?  Well, this week, we would like to begin a segment called 'Ask A Monkey'.  Ask us your questions and we will give you the best answers we can. It can be anything from the meaning of life to our favorite color to what's on our I-Pod.  You have a question, we have an answer.
Each week, we will feature at least one question from our viewers.  Please send us your comments or e-mail us your questions if you want them more private.  We will even link you so our viewers can find out more about the person behind the question.  Now put on your thinking caps (we are wearing ours) and ask away.  We are anxiously awaiting you!

P.S. We are leaving for a field trip soon, so don't be offended if we don't respond back right away.




I was just wondering why your "thinking caps" look like the dirty sock I left on the floor earlier today? Did you mean, "STINKING caps"?


Normally I like to take a bath to wind down, but since you are made of, well socks, how do you relax?


Is the offspring of one's second cousin one's third cousin, or one's second cousin once removed? (This has been bothering me for years.)


I love you guys. Could you come to my house and visit? I will take you for a bikeride.

Mama Dawg

What is the meaning of life?

Judy Haley

If a pic has his voicebox removed, would that make him disgruntled?


Are those "real" monkeys?


Dear Knit Monkeys,
I was just wondering...what do you eat? And do you wear Pajamas to bed?

Candid Carrie

Dear B & G: Will you ever forgive Jen for not giving you any thumbs?

Dear Brian: Do the monkees ever mess with your stuff or just Jen's stuff.

Dear Jen: If you have to rehome your monkees when you start a family, would you consider our home for them?

Jane @ Kidzarama

Have you ever wanted to visit Australia?

And if so, what would you be looking forward to most?


Dear Minkees: We know that you fart, but do you poop?

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