Minkees in their natural habitat...

Today, Evan and Kelly had an update of their time in India.  They took some pictures and video of some minkees in their natural habitat. It was pretty cool.  Well, that inspired Guillermo and Bernardo to embrace their inner 'wild' minkeee and have some fun..

Here we have Bernardo playing in the jungle.  As you know there are some plants in the jungle held up by macrame vines.  There was a lot of hooting and swinging around on those vines.  B-man had a lot of fun!  The only problem he had was getting upset when he had some dirt on his little minkee butt.  His arms aren't long enough reach, but Guillermo was there with the assist. 

G-unit had some fun playing in the trees.  He really needs to remember that he has gotten stuck in that tree so many times.  He was quite content with hanging out in there and shouting comments at us all day.  There was also a lot of hooting.  At one point Guillermo asked if he can embrace the inner monkey and throw things.  I didn't ask what he wanted to throw, I thought a solid "NO" would be the only answer for that little guy.  You give him an inch and the poo will fly.  There was a little pouting, but I suggested that the minkees groom each other like the 'wild' minkees do and we heard nothing but giggling for the next hour.

Once they came in from the jungle/sun porch they decided to practice swinging around from vine to vine on the tree lamp.  They really didn't have much room to swing, but they made the most of it.  After a while they got a little tired and swung down to the couch for a nice long nap.  They slept for hours, snoring and farting the whole time.  I bet you can guess which monkey was the farty one!



You mean to tell me there is an inner "wild" minkee that is more potent than the outer "wild" minkee?

K & E

We thought of you both when we saw those monkeys. Well that is, both you briand and Jen and you Bernardo and Guillermo. love k

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