We know what's in here!

Alright Jen.  We saw you come home with groceries.  We know what you bought because we rifled through the bag when you ran past us running to go use the bathroom.  We know what you got and we want it.....  We want the Ice Cream we saw you sneak behind the bag of ice.  If we don't get it we will tell Brian, and you know what he'll do.  Eat it before you can ever get to it.  That's right missy, this is blackmail.  Give us the ice cream or we're telling on you!

MMMMMmmmmmmm.  Good stuff.  Butter Pecan, that hits the spot.  Wait, what does it say on the label?  Soy Dream!!!  Made from organic soybeans.  Gross!!!!! You lactose intolerant freak!  I ate soybeans.  Great, and you were complaining before about my gassy butt.  Your in for it now sister!  Do you know what soybeans do to a minkeys digestive system, because we know what it does to yours....  Wait, why are you putting me out on the sun porch?!?  I was only kidding......



Hello there,

found your blog by coincidence and I have to finally say it's one of my faves, especially when I need cheering up after a long, hard day =) So basically just wanted to say what you're doing is brilliant. =)

Take care.

Nina aka Hope



I love this blog! But I wonder if maybe you need a life. :) Hmmmm I keep coming back. Maybe I need a life.

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