Friday Foto Finish Fiesta 2.2

Its that time of the week again my friends, the Friday Foto Finish Fiesta from Candid Carrie.  Through her, i've gotten some requests from all you folks out there who want to see how I do it all.  How do I manage to stay cute, blog, go on adventures, play in the jungle, go to India, etc. etc.  First off, I start my day by doing some sit ups to keep my little minkee figure in check.  This is followed by my breakfast banana or if I am really lucky one of Jen's breakfast smoothies.  Yummo!  After that its time to play, get out the camera and take some pictures.  After it is all done, I put on my spectacles, grab the laptop, and blog to my little hearts content.  This continues through night time when we have our T.V. time.  We watch a lot of cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen, Iron Chef, Top Chef, The Triple D (Diners, Drive - ins and Dives) you get the point.  We also like shows like Lost and CSI when in season.  When it is time for bed, we go to our luxury suites for beddy bye.  We do take our suds and bubbles a couple times a week as well to make sure we stay clean and well groomed for our readers.  That is an average day in our lives.  Drop us a line if you have any questions, comments, or want to know more about us.  Guillermo Out......



When do you work in time to poot? Or is it a given that that goes on all day?


Well Lori, that is a given. It goes on all day, every day. I try not to, but I am just a monkey...


You organize your time very wisely for a monkey. I've learned so much.

And I love LOST.

Apple Joos

Guillermo is the best name for a monkey ever.


Thank you. I am actually named after the director, Guillermo Del Toro of Hellboy fame. I was finished the night that Jen and Brian were watching that movie. They liked the name, it stuck...


Funny monkey! How long does it take to dry after the bath?


Well, we usually play with the hairdryer and get dry that way. Takes about an hour a piece. One time we tried to air dry and run around naked (a theme today apparently) but we got a little musty and had to be fabreezed. So we use the dryer all the time now. (on warm with bursts of cool air. Makes us fluffy)


Funny stuff.


Love all those same shows!


hahaha funny, and what a day.


So cute!


You sure are a cute little monkey! I wish I had one like that :)

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