This week on Two Knit Monkeys Vol. 5

This little guy is the dreaded book worm.  Most of us enjoy curling up and reading a good book.  Well, this guy like to curl up and EAT a good book!  Beware of those chompers!
Bookworms come in all kinds of varieties from the more common silverfish and book lice to the less common termites, moths, cockroaches, carpet beetles, biscuit beetles, drugstore beetles and many more beetle varieties.
While the classic bookworm is primarily responsible for tunneling holes through pages of older manuscripts it is the larva that are actually the bibliophile.  It spends up to five years devouring pulpy leaves of fact and fiction.  
After spending those years of chewing away on your precious books it goes through metamorphosis spreads its wings and flies away.  

This last microbe is a tribute to Jen's mother who is a retiring librarian at her former elementary school.  Congratulations, you have earned it!

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Veggie Mom

I like B&G's ties in this sequence. They look so edu-ma-ca-ted!


I really enjoyed the microbe posts you've done =) Great reporting!

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