Rich Corinthian Leather

Oooohhhh La la.  Jen got some lovely leather shoes the other day and it was time to play!  At first we thought bumper cars, but they were too hard to get around in like this.
So, we opted for stadium seating for a movie.  The shoes are oh so cute, but make great minkee sized chairs.
Especially when you get your ball and can keep your head up high for premium television viewing.
We truly hope she doesn't want these shoes back anytime soon.  They are super comfy and perfectly sized just for us.

Plus the smell of leather is so intoxicating.  Mmmmmmm.   Make sure to see who else is playing on Candid Carrie's Fx4!

 Minkee out......



I always thought those minkees were a little kinky. Now every one knows the truth. They really like leather.

Mama Dawg

Great shoes AND great chairs!

Veggie Mom

What an idea...I think I'll bring a tennis ball to the movies next time I go, so I'll have a better view!


They also look like good sleds. Plenty of straps to keep minkees from falling out.

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