Rombutan fruit and new fur

Hey all! We have been enjoying this past week with our creator Jen coming back from her mini vacation. Upon her return we celebrated by sharing a few Rombutan fruit that Brian got at the Asian grocery store. What is a rombutan you ask? It is a sweet, juicy red fruit with one seed and a hairy rind.

We decided we needed to do something with the hairy rind, so we did what any good monkey would do. Make hats! Check these out.....

Good times were had by all. Pleepleus kept on his toupee for a few days to see if he could attract some ladies. He did get attention, but for the wrong reason. Most were repulsed by his 'unattractive and smelly' new hair. Poor little fella.

On a side note it is THAT time of year again when we get recreated. That is how we stay so young and cuddly. This round we are trying some new fur. Instead of being made out of acrylic yarn we are going for a alpaca, silk and wool blend. Our color may be a little different, but we will be the same monkeys.

Here's Guillermo trying out the new fur. What do you think?



Haha; you guys are so cute! ;)


Cheeky monkeys with luscious new fur? The ladies won't know what hit them!

Ro Magnolia

I know monkeys probably don't have time to accept awards, but I did leave you two little rascals an award on my blog today. If you're too busy playing with various hats, etc. to accept, at least you will know you are extremely appreciated! Thanks for all the smiles. :)

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