Hide and Seek

Jen here. I came home from work today and the two little guys who almost always wait for me on this chair were nowhere to be found.
I dropped off my things and headed to the kitchen to make dinner and I heard faint giggling in the other room. Every time I headed into the living room the noises stopped, so I figured a couple of minkees were hiding from me.

I found Bernardo first. He apparently was playing Minkee of Arabia before I got home because he looked pretty stylish in my awesome new scarf! He wants me to call him Sir Bernardo tonight. I guess I'll play along.

Guillermo was a bit trickier to find. I looked at that knitting basket several times and thought it was just another knitting project I was working on. Well, if you know Guillermo he got a little pissed and insisted on me finding him by a series or righteous toots. Oops, I guess someone got a little cranky because he wasn't found first. Oh well, he'll live.
Now they sit staring at the T.V. chanting "Kate, Kate, Kate" in anticipation of Lost's 100th episode tonight. I am sure none of us will be disappointed. Can't wait to see what Faraday reveals.......

Happy watching!



You guys have the most fun when you are together. Give my teens a lesson, please.

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