Where are my peeps at?!?

Yesterday in our homemade Easter baskets we found these little guys. I guess they are called "Peeps" We thought with a name like that they would be a bit chatty, but they didn't make a sound.
Jen told us they were to eat and they are full of sugary goodness. I couldn't resist and I went in for a bite.
"Hey, did you hear something?" "No, but my butt hurts!" That one never gets old!
Bernardo went for the chicks. Nothin is better than chicks is his motto. He said they were pretty good.
He bit the head right off of this guy. He said he thought chicken tasted different from normal, but they would go fabulously with waffles.
After our feast we were a bit on the hyper side. Running around the apartment hooting it up. It was a good time. Thanks for the peeps and Easter baskets.



I always eat the head off first, too.

Veggie Mom

Peeps and waffles. Sounds like a sweet combo to me! BTW, I'm still thinking about a sock monkey. Hope to decide soon!

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