Easter Basket Antics

Hey all...it's your favorite two fur balls here, Bernardo and Guillermo! Today's adventure finds us playing with one of Jen's new creations: a rope basket. I don't know why she is making these...at first I thought maybe some snake-charmers were coming over, but that seemed...unlikely. So we said the hell with it: time to play. I started off checking out the minkee-comfort level: was it significantly minkee-cozy? Check.

Then Guillermo gave it a fitting. He approved as well

Sharing is caring! Ugh...Seriously, G-mo, get off my lap...you're crushing my minkee harbles!

But enough sitting around looking cute: we can do THAT anywhere (and we often do!)...it's time for some fun and games. We've seen Jackass, so we knew just what to do!

Time for a roll! Gimme a push, mocha minkee!


Oh man, that was fun! I warned Guillermo before he took his turn: you get a little dizzy...don't overdo it!

Of course, he is never one for...how shall we say...considering the consequences of his actions. He wanted a big push, so he got one. He certainly had a blast, rolling giggling, and hooting as he hauled some major ass around the room.


In fact, the little butt-head almost took me out while I was trying to snap a pic! Not his fault tho.
Unfortunately, after this photo was taken, things took a turn (literally) for the worse as G-mo bounced off me and headed into the other room. Things were still OK at that point. But then he hit the stairs....

Five seconds, 13 steps, and several dizzy steps later, it was time for The Purge! Fortunately, the basket was nearby to catch the bulk of Guillermo's lunch, but we will have to give it a thorough cleaning before Jen gets home. Man, that mocha minkee was staggering, weaving, and heaving like he'd just gotten home from a frat party. Poor guy. He helped me clean up, then staggered off upstairs, saying he was going to take a nap in the sock drawer for a few hours. That way, he will be primed for "Lost" tonight. I told him to save some extra time for suds 'n' bubbles before the show, as Kate is not going to be too impressed with a monkey reeking of digested bananas and shame (tho G-man has certainly smelled worse...)



Poor thing. I hope you are feeling better before Lost tonight. Make sure to clean out my basket very well!


This made me think of when I was a kid. We used to get in an old barrel and roll down a huge hill. I needed a hurling basket afterwards, too.

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