On this date in history...

On this day in history 19**, creator's hubby was born.
We decided that we needed to take some photos to document helping out with the present wraping.
It was a tough job, but we managed. Only took an hour to get all the lose tape off of us.
We now lay in wait for Brian to get home from work so he can open his presents....

Never leave a minkee alone with party supplies. We couldn't help ourselves......

With that said:
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
You look like a minkee
And Guillermo smells like poo!

Happy Birthday!



Mama Dawg

I adore these minkees!


Minkees, thanks for the presents. I am a little worried tho....when you mentioned:

"...helping out with the present wraping."

You meant "Wrapping", not "raping", right?! Please say yes!

Also, Guillermo: I'm so...happy that you saved a box of farts for my birthday, but you shouldn't have....really.



Happy Birthday, Creator's Hubby. :-) And the rasta ribbon look is awesome.

Candid Carrie

Happy Birthday to Mr. Jen721.

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