Jen, What the...

OK, what is going on here?!?  You know we are the only knit animals allowed in this house so who/what is this guy?  Oh, he is a present and will be leaving us soon.  That's cool.  Mama Dawg's daughter will like it.  It seems like a nice stuffed creature.

This elusive creature came from the yarn that Bernardo (or Miss Cleo as he is going by tonight) is donning on his head.  I don't know why, but he is rocking the pink yarn!
I found the exoskeleton of the elusive new creature lying on the couch.  I thought they were PJ's at first, but Jen said it was the body of a teddy bear.  Whatever that is.  By the way, do you see how prominently my doodle is displayed in this photo.... sweet!
Good times were had with this strange exoskeleton.  I was nice and didn't fart on it (I was told there would be consequences since it is a present)  We hope the recipient will like it.  We may have to do a special b-day post (so we can see that cool guy/gal once again).
We're gonna miss the bear skin rug. 

Guillermo out!



LOL. The exoskeletan. Jen, I am cracking up! :)


That would be exoskeletON. :)

Ryan Ashley Scott@Optimistic Cynicism

You called it an exoskeleton! That cracks me up. (and I had to look above me at Ann's comment to spell exoskeleton)


Great post and CUTE bear. Glad the Minkee's weren't too jealous.

Mama Dawg

Ohhhh.....my daughter is going to love it! I'll do a special post just for you when she gets it at her party! It looks sooooooooo good! Thanks so much! I'm still digging Frances and my grandmother ADORES her frog!


Miss Cleo? You guys are a stitch.

Get it, stitch. I crack myself up.

Veggie Mom

Perhaps he needs an exoskeleton for his doodle?

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