Friday the 13th Scare.....

Must have brains.....

We know it was Friday the 13th and all, but when a zombie came roaming through the house it gave us quite a scare.  All we could hear were loud cries for "BRAINS".  I knew Guillermo was safe, but I was a scared!  I hid in the closet for a while and then as I peeked through the slats I saw just what was after me.  I jumped out of the closet and POUNCED on this little tiny zombie.  Seriously the only thing around here that may be threatened by him are the few bugs I've let live in the apartment.  (Japanese Beetles taste TERRIBLE)  To show him whose the boss, I wore him like a hat and put him in his place.  He did try to bite me once, but I handed him over to Guillermo who took care of it.
As you can clearly see Guillermo has his own way of taking care of things around here.
Once the little guy came to we decided to hang out with him (after the smell went away).  Good thing Jen is taking him to work though.... those bugs are mine all mine!
We sincerely hope he doesn't try to attack the students at school.  We're cool and all, but we don't feel comfortable with having him in the apartment.

Although, if the student see him on Jen's desk, he may get taken away and tortured by a middle schooler.  Karma's a feisty minx sometimes.....

Bernardo Out!


Mama Dawg

Damn....now I want a zombie!


I love the zombie hair. And is that a tie he is sporting?

Candid Carrie

You know, it is one thing for me to make my cats talk but this ...

Happy Fx4, girl.


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