Helping out

Being helpful little minkeys, we decided to help Jen while she cleaned out the sun porch.  We started by dusting the star votive holder, but it was so much fun up there we had to play around.  You can really make that thing swing!  By the way, sorry Jen, we didn't mean to hit you in the head while we were swinging.  From there, Jen moved us to the floor.  Apparently she was worried we would fall and hurt ourselves.  She can be so thoughtful about our minkey well being.  We then decided to play in the mini chimney.  I thought it was a toilet at first, but Bernardo explained to me what it was and why there was a candle inside.  Good timing too, cause I had to go!  Anyway once we climbed in and started giggling, Jen decided to go outside and rake until we had enough fun and decided to quit for the day.  She's so good to us sometimes!


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