Adventures in France

Hello there, this is Bernardo comin' atcha! Guess where me and my best minkey ami went today? You got it: FRANCE! In honor of Hell's Kitchen tonight, we went to France to see Gordon Ramsay. Apparently, he is British...oops! But we still had fun. We got these cool chef's hats, called "toques" (which apparently is Poncey-talk for "big poofy hat"), and some whisks, and we also got some great bread and wine and flirted with the little French chics....oui! They could not resist our cuteness factor (we had the cute dials turned to "11" !). Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse when one of those cute girls sprayed the B-man with perfume...I smelled like a street-walker for the rest of the trip. Then I found out that Guillermo had blown half of our trip money throwing it into the "neat little wish fountain" (?) Turns out it was actually something called a "bidet" (DON'T ask!!!). I was a little peeved, but he didn't know any better. Actually, knowing him, throwing money into a bidet might actually grant his wishes! By then, it was time to get home anyway. We had a good trip, but were ready to come home.


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