Rainy Toosday

Another rainy day...poopie. I guess the B-man and I will have to play inside today. We already helped Brian feed some worms to the fish....gross!!! Note: fish REALLY like worms. They are very rude though...all "grabby-grabby". One time, Jen was feeding the fish and one of them got so excited that he jumped right out of the tank, kinda like the piranhas in the jungle rivers! Stuffed monkey or not, you do NOT want to take your daily soap 'n' bubbles in THERE, thank you very much.

Gotta go...I hear Bernardo giggling in the other room, and that's usually a sign he found something for us to play with...awesome! Perhaps I will post more today if we take a break. Being a minkey can be so time-consuming!

G-man, out.



I bet it is horribly boring to be stuck in the house all day. Don't you have a sock drawer you can go play in?

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