Wormmy Goodness

While Jen and Brian were out, we went digging around in the kitchen cupboards and look what we found.  Some nice juicy worms to feed the fish.  Bernardo and I decided we needed to play with them for a while before we put them in the fishtank.  It was a good thing too.  Did you know that fish can't have this type of worm?  It can kill them!!!  Jen came home just as we were lifting the lid to the tank.  I thought she was going to scream!  By the way, sorry Jen we are just little monkeys, we didn't know any better.  She grabbed the worms out of our hands and tossed them on the counter.  I almost fell in the tank in the process.  I know it is about my 'suds and bubbles' time, but I don't want to take it in nasty fish poo water.  Gross.  Jen was nice enough to let us keep playing with those funny looking worms.  The only thing is now B-man and I smell like cherries!


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