Target Adventure

Today we decided to hide in the Target bag when Jen went shopping.  She got this cool shopping bag made out of recycled Target bags.  She uses it when she goes shopping.  It holds a lot of stuff!
Jen didn't know we were in there.  She carried it over her shoulder in the store, an we stuck our heads out and scared all the shoppers.  She found out about us pretty quick though, someone (Guillermo) couldn't stop laughing!  We were a big hit with the kids.  They wanted to hug us and give us cuddles.  It was pretty sweet.  The only problem we had came at the checkout.  They tried to scan us like we were merchandise!  We tried explaining that we came in the store with Jen and we weren't for sale!  They didn't believe us, they called the manager over and we had to plead with him to let us go home!  It was not cool.  We won him over with the argument that he would definately see more of us going through the checkout, look how cute we are.  You know what he called us?  Stuffed Animals!  That made me hot.  He almost got a face full of monkeyness, if you know what I mean.  I am still a little mad about the whole situation.  I'm gong to cool off down on the treadmill.  Stuffed animal, I'll show him...........


Mama Dawg

Stuffed Animals? How dare they? Too bad I love Target so much, or I'd go kick their bootays for you guys.


Don't get me started on how many of those Target bags I have bought and then I continually forget them....Target is making quite the profit off of me. Do they even sell you guys at Target? I don't recall seeing them because if they did I would own your cousins by now!


Bernardo, are you sure you don't have a bar code on your booty? I mean, Guillermo may tell you you don't, but can you really be sure?


We may be stuffed, we may be animals, but we are not stuffed animals. We don't associate with the likes of them. We are Knit!

Jen also has a ton of bags from Hy-Vee (our local grocery store chain). We keep telling her to put them in the car, she just doesn't listen!

A BAR CODE!!! ON MY BUTT!!! Is that why I'm not as farty as Guillermo? Well, if I have one, its staying. I don't want to be the farty one!


Well, at least they didn't mistake you for Webkinz. Now that would have made you guys really mad.


Webkinz, did you say Webkinz.....

If that clerk would have said we were one of 'them', well there would be hell to pay mister!

However, the banana hammock accessory sounds nice. "Jen....Are you going shopping today....I need something....."

Candid Carrie

I don't have those bags because I need my real disposable target bags for cat poop. How does Jen get rid of monkey poop if she doesn't have target bags?


We usually don't poop, but when we do, we have to get rid of it ourselves. Small sandwich bags work pretty well. We don't cat sized poops. (THANK GOD! OOOWWWW!)

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