Field Trippin' Cont...

While down in the basement we came across this little, what am I saying HUGE guy. It makes me feel manly for some reason. I wanted Jen to put in a DVD for us to watch, but she said there wasn't enough time, she had to get back home soon. I'll be back. Oh, yeah I'll be back. Unless..... Jen, would you buy me a new TV? Didn't think so. Had to try.

Several years ago, Jen's dad made clocks and music boxes. He even made her graduation present, a trunk! This clock looks like a wrist watch, but it hangs on the wall. It was pretty cool. Bernardo could even tell the time on it, which Jen said is better than some middle schoolers.

We also decided to play in the dryer. It was like space ship in there. I wanted to play Apollo 13, but Bernardo got a little scared. I reminded him its just pretend and he was cool with it. I wanted Jen to put it on a fluff cycle to make us fuzzier, but she explained what would happen and I decided it wouldn't be a very good idea! The acoustics in there were pretty awesome. I sang some of my favorite songs. While singing B-man kept yelling at me to stop farting, which was weird because I wasn't farting at all! After several accusations we left the dryer to go investigate.

That's when we found this. It was gurgling like nobodies business! It is Jen's dads' BEER. He makes home brew. (And if you are reading this, no we did not touch that thingy on top. Jen was very specific about not moving it at all! God forbid we ruin beer! Beer Good!) This time around, he is brewing up some Honey Wheat. One of our favorite beers! It was pretty active. I could see where Bernardo would think it was me farting. Nope, just beer fermenting. (Wait, when I fart is it because I am fermenting?) Can't wait until its done, I wanna try some. What does a minkee have to do to get a pint?

On the way out the door we figured out that we were supposed to wear slippers in the house so we don't get marks on the carpet. Sorry. We are made of yarn and so are the slippers so I think we are all good. Right? Plus it takes us back to the monkey duck day....
Then it was off to home. We had quite the busy day. Hope they don't mind me checking out their house. We had a lot of fun! Thanks!


Candid Carrie

I loved the tour, it was like a minkee version of Better Brewerys and Lovely Laundromats combined.

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