OMG Banana Bread Beer!!!!!

Look what we found in the fridge!!!!!
Jen, Brian pleeeeeaaaaassssseeee.  Can the minkees share this one?
Alright guys.  Just make sure you don't get any froth on your muzzles.  Enjoy!
Wow, that actually tastes like banana bread.  There is even a hint of nuttiness.  Mmmmm, thats some good beer.  We do not recommend it for humans unless they REALLY like bananas.  It can be a bit overpowering at times.  

Hope this doesn't turn us into drunk little monkeys.  hee hee hee.


Sushi minkee style

Konbanwa everyone.  (Which means Good evening).  Guillermo and Bernardo here in the minkee test kitchen.  We were recently inspired by an Iron Chef episode where the always awesome Morimoto made some beautiful looking sushi.  We thought we would try our hand at it.  Here is the finished product: 
Once we had the plan to make sushi we had to pair it with the right kind of sake.  We found this displayed on one of Jen and Brian's shelves and they fit the part perfectly.
This here is a spicy crab roll prepared by chef Guillermo.  It is quite delicious, especially with a hint of wasabi and some soy sauce.  He did wear protective head and paw gear so there are no minkee hairs.
I am rocking out with the good old classic California roll.  The creamy avocado inside paired with crab is simply divine.  I highly recommend this for all to try.  Plus having a hand rolled California roll made by chef Bernardo would definitely be something to brag about.
It was a lot of hard work today, but we feel our test kitchen was a success.  Plus you can tell just how hard we worked with our awesome head bands.
Kanpai ~ Cheers and good health to you all.  Now we are off to dip these puppies in some sauce and enjoy.

Minkees out.


Friday Fx 4 Fun and games

Hello all. Guillermo and Bernardo here playing along with Candid Carrie this week. We thought we would give you some candid shots taking with the awesome new camera.

First of all, we found these super cool ear covers in one of Jen's bead drawers. The are awesome. I think we look a bit like some famous mouse, but copy right infringement prevents us from saying his name.
To give you the full perspective we give you Bernardo with the side view.
Double minkee side view.
Check it out from the back. Oh yeah, we look awesome!
This last photo wasn't supposed to be taken. We are very clean minkees and are in the habit of grooming each other on a daily basis. Guillermo was just helping me out with a little ear fuzz. Nothing kinky from the minkee was going on.
Make sure to stop over at Candid Carrie's place and join in the fun. We haven't participated in a couple of weeks, but look forward to this weeks posts.

Minkees out.


Hello there fella

While we were camera-less this past week Bernardo and I went on some travels and met this fine young fellow. He comes to us from the land of Morocco where our favorite Peace Corps volunteer is currently residing. N was not home when we stopped by, and we couldn't just leave him by the door. We decided to bring him home and put him in the mail. He should be in Morocco soon.
However before we let him leave we gave him quite the sendoff! He told us that the fez is the official hat of Morocco so we put Jen to work for us. She was nice enough (thanks Jen) to make us our own fez's so we could give him a proper sendoff. Good times were had by all. He will be missed.

On a side note, the new camera arrived today and it is sweet! We may have to have a fashion show later this week......

Minkees out!


No Camera Blues.....

We have been without a working digital camera for a few days now and we are bored! So we decided to play around on the internet and found these things called name generators. We decided to find out what our various names are and post them for you today. You should try it, its lots of fun!

Guillermo: Chet Axton
Bernardo: Garth Crow

Guillermo: Grandpa Bull Lame
Bernardo: Buddy Bull Lamer

Guillermo: Cap'n Hubert Fancypants Awesome! I love this name
Bernardo: Sea Monkey Randal How did it know I'm a monkey?!?

Lost Nickname Courtesy of Sawyer - Since this is Jen and Brian's favorite show we let them do their names too.
Guillermo: Dr. Quinn
Bernardo: Cowboy
Brian: Big Bad Wolf
Jen: Little Limey Runt what does that even mean?

Guillermo: Dementor Von Absinthe
Bernardo: Strycnine Darkmoon These names are just weird

Guillermo: Ol` Mucky Terrahawk Just call me Mucky
Bernardo: Half-Cut Skeleton

Guillermo: Quincey Jackme
Bernardo: Manly Head There is something wrong with this name.....

Guillermo: Morbid Curiosity Brian says this name is fitting.....
Bernardo: Tempting Trauma Like G-mo's farts?

By the way we have it on good authority that the new digital camera will be here tomorrow. Awesome. We are going to have sooooo much fun playing.


Birthday wishes

Guillermo and Bernardo here. We are stuck at home tonight since Jen and Brian went out to dinner for what we are calling grandcreatormom birthday. They went to a Japanese steakhouse for some good food, drinks and fun. We wanted to tag along. As seen here:
But we were told that we may accidentally get thrown in the fire. Apparently monkey is an exotic food source in some countries. We didn't want to chance it, so we hung out at home watching an Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network.

We would like to sing:
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear gradcreatormom
Happy birthday to you.

And many more! frrrt. (Guillermo added a bit to that one. Sorry)


Strrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeetch, monkey!

Greetings, and a big HOOT to you all!

Well, a few days ago, Brian left us upstairs to play by ourselves, and he disappeared. We searched for him, and found lots of stuff: dust bunnies, a dead bug that even Bernardo wouldn't eat, and various coins in the sofa cushions (which we promptly put in our 'banana fund'....don't tell Jen!).
Fortunately, Jen came home soon, and helped us track him down: in the basement practicing yoga! AHA!

Since Bri-guy couldn't make it to his usual Saturday Vinyasa III class at the shala, I guess he decided to go down into the basement to hammer out the Primary and some of the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga yoga. Or, maybe it hammered HIM, he sure looked beat by the time he was done.

We goaded Jen into grabbing the camera and taking us down for some hi-jinks!

Jen snapped us trying to figure out how bakasana (Crane Pose) works: We kept trying it, and falling on our noses! Brian said it was probably because "we had such huge beezers", but I don't remember asking HIS opinion....hrrummph.

We went to check out some instruction manuals:

Bernardo figured it out: THIS GUY (nor Brian, we should point out) doesn't have a TAIL! Once we figured out how to counterbalance with the weight of our tails, it was a cakewalk! Sweet.

Jen decided to do a little Downward-facing Dog. We tried to help out by making her laugh: mission accomplished, I must say. I mean, just LOOK at us!

B-man and I decided we should probably stretch a bit too, so here is Bernardo in Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose):

Then the dreaded Purvattanasana (East Intense Stretch Pose):

What is that, you ask...what's on our heads? They are our sweatbands, of course. Did we not mention that you sweat a LOT in Ashtanga!

Whew! "....3.........4.........5........annnnd release. Take rest."

Gonna be feeling THAT one tomorrow!



Friday Foto Finish 3.6.09

Ahhhhh, what a beautiful day today.  It was warm with a high in the upper 60's.  Something I am in desperate need of is some good weather.

So, when I got home I wasn't surprised when I found the two little minkees on the sun porch catching some rays.

Bernardo is looking rather fetching today if I do say so myself.  He is undergoing neck reinforcement surgery later this evening, so I know he is excited.
Guillermo, also fetching, is always ready with a welcome home look for me.  Today it seems he went shopping....
He bargained priced himself for $6.98.  I wonder if he realizes that even though I sell things on the internet that is not for sale.  Silly minkee!
Make sure to stop on over at Candid Carries and see who is playing along this week.

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