Friday Foto Finish 3.6.09

Ahhhhh, what a beautiful day today.  It was warm with a high in the upper 60's.  Something I am in desperate need of is some good weather.

So, when I got home I wasn't surprised when I found the two little minkees on the sun porch catching some rays.

Bernardo is looking rather fetching today if I do say so myself.  He is undergoing neck reinforcement surgery later this evening, so I know he is excited.
Guillermo, also fetching, is always ready with a welcome home look for me.  Today it seems he went shopping....
He bargained priced himself for $6.98.  I wonder if he realizes that even though I sell things on the internet that is not for sale.  Silly minkee!
Make sure to stop on over at Candid Carries and see who is playing along this week.



I do hope the neck surgery goes well.

Veggie Mom

Where can I get a minkee like these guys?

Glenda, saved by grace

I'd buy him for 6.90

This Mom

I am sure the G-man knows he is priceless. Unless he is like my son and confuses priceless for worthless.


awww I'd so buy him!

Veggie Mom

BTW, I'm starting a new Pop'rs Giveaway tomorrow!!

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