Hello there fella

While we were camera-less this past week Bernardo and I went on some travels and met this fine young fellow. He comes to us from the land of Morocco where our favorite Peace Corps volunteer is currently residing. N was not home when we stopped by, and we couldn't just leave him by the door. We decided to bring him home and put him in the mail. He should be in Morocco soon.
However before we let him leave we gave him quite the sendoff! He told us that the fez is the official hat of Morocco so we put Jen to work for us. She was nice enough (thanks Jen) to make us our own fez's so we could give him a proper sendoff. Good times were had by all. He will be missed.

On a side note, the new camera arrived today and it is sweet! We may have to have a fashion show later this week......

Minkees out!



Minkee fezs! Way too cool, guys.


update: he's doing fine and is quite happy to be back in the motherland. pics to follow...

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