Birthday wishes

Guillermo and Bernardo here. We are stuck at home tonight since Jen and Brian went out to dinner for what we are calling grandcreatormom birthday. They went to a Japanese steakhouse for some good food, drinks and fun. We wanted to tag along. As seen here:
But we were told that we may accidentally get thrown in the fire. Apparently monkey is an exotic food source in some countries. We didn't want to chance it, so we hung out at home watching an Iron Chef marathon on the Food Network.

We would like to sing:
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear gradcreatormom
Happy birthday to you.

And many more! frrrt. (Guillermo added a bit to that one. Sorry)



Thanks for the great Birthday remembrance. I shall take Guillermo's toot in good humor. He just can't help himself. A great time for all was spent last evening and a wonderful birthday for grandcreatormom.


Veggie Mom

Happy Birthday to You! And next time I think you should bring the little guys along!

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