Strrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeetch, monkey!

Greetings, and a big HOOT to you all!

Well, a few days ago, Brian left us upstairs to play by ourselves, and he disappeared. We searched for him, and found lots of stuff: dust bunnies, a dead bug that even Bernardo wouldn't eat, and various coins in the sofa cushions (which we promptly put in our 'banana fund'....don't tell Jen!).
Fortunately, Jen came home soon, and helped us track him down: in the basement practicing yoga! AHA!

Since Bri-guy couldn't make it to his usual Saturday Vinyasa III class at the shala, I guess he decided to go down into the basement to hammer out the Primary and some of the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga yoga. Or, maybe it hammered HIM, he sure looked beat by the time he was done.

We goaded Jen into grabbing the camera and taking us down for some hi-jinks!

Jen snapped us trying to figure out how bakasana (Crane Pose) works: We kept trying it, and falling on our noses! Brian said it was probably because "we had such huge beezers", but I don't remember asking HIS opinion....hrrummph.

We went to check out some instruction manuals:

Bernardo figured it out: THIS GUY (nor Brian, we should point out) doesn't have a TAIL! Once we figured out how to counterbalance with the weight of our tails, it was a cakewalk! Sweet.

Jen decided to do a little Downward-facing Dog. We tried to help out by making her laugh: mission accomplished, I must say. I mean, just LOOK at us!

B-man and I decided we should probably stretch a bit too, so here is Bernardo in Kurmasana (Tortoise Pose):

Then the dreaded Purvattanasana (East Intense Stretch Pose):

What is that, you ask...what's on our heads? They are our sweatbands, of course. Did we not mention that you sweat a LOT in Ashtanga!

Whew! "....3.........4.........5........annnnd release. Take rest."

Gonna be feeling THAT one tomorrow!




That was awesome minkees. Next time I'm doing down dog, please don't get in the way. Its hard to consentrate with two little minkees staring at you!


The minkees will appreciate all that exercise later when they are able to eat more bananas. Keeps their minkee-ish figures in tact.


Minkees are awesome ashtangis! Go minkees!

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