Friday Fx 4 Fun and games

Hello all. Guillermo and Bernardo here playing along with Candid Carrie this week. We thought we would give you some candid shots taking with the awesome new camera.

First of all, we found these super cool ear covers in one of Jen's bead drawers. The are awesome. I think we look a bit like some famous mouse, but copy right infringement prevents us from saying his name.
To give you the full perspective we give you Bernardo with the side view.
Double minkee side view.
Check it out from the back. Oh yeah, we look awesome!
This last photo wasn't supposed to be taken. We are very clean minkees and are in the habit of grooming each other on a daily basis. Guillermo was just helping me out with a little ear fuzz. Nothing kinky from the minkee was going on.
Make sure to stop over at Candid Carrie's place and join in the fun. We haven't participated in a couple of weeks, but look forward to this weeks posts.

Minkees out.


Melissa B.

Such Superior Snaps! Thanks so much for sharing...


I thought of your blog yesterday. I was sitting out on the deck, working on my latest knitting project, another sweater, when the next door neighbour's kiddo came up to me and asked if I could knit a monkey or a porpoise. :-)

Cool photos!!


You guys and your ears rock!

One Crazy Chick!

Minkees, I apologize for not coming around more often. You two are nuts. Those ears, well let's just say they make you both look HOT!


Have you guys lost weight? (based on looking at previous photos) Must be that new camera. Niiiiccccceee! I'm intrigued and will have to pop back for a visit.
Cap'n Angelina Swiftknife
(yes, I've played with the generators too)


Thanks for visiting my blog and yes, the hat is part of the school uniform. The kids have to wear them when out playing, etc. Sunscreen is also a required item.



This Mom

I Love the ears. They need to wear them and visit THE mouse. More fodder for the blog.


You guys are hilarious! Happy Phriday.


lol. good god.

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