Sushi minkee style

Konbanwa everyone.  (Which means Good evening).  Guillermo and Bernardo here in the minkee test kitchen.  We were recently inspired by an Iron Chef episode where the always awesome Morimoto made some beautiful looking sushi.  We thought we would try our hand at it.  Here is the finished product: 
Once we had the plan to make sushi we had to pair it with the right kind of sake.  We found this displayed on one of Jen and Brian's shelves and they fit the part perfectly.
This here is a spicy crab roll prepared by chef Guillermo.  It is quite delicious, especially with a hint of wasabi and some soy sauce.  He did wear protective head and paw gear so there are no minkee hairs.
I am rocking out with the good old classic California roll.  The creamy avocado inside paired with crab is simply divine.  I highly recommend this for all to try.  Plus having a hand rolled California roll made by chef Bernardo would definitely be something to brag about.
It was a lot of hard work today, but we feel our test kitchen was a success.  Plus you can tell just how hard we worked with our awesome head bands.
Kanpai ~ Cheers and good health to you all.  Now we are off to dip these puppies in some sauce and enjoy.

Minkees out.



I love this! I had sushi today too. Cool sake bottle...and love what G & B did with the versatile scarves. Wonders never cease with those two.

And the "Minkee Mouse" ears in the post below...adorable and soooooo clever!

Bottles Barbies And Boys

I hate fishy stuff, but if it was served by these cute dudes, I'd try it!

Sugar Boogers & Tantrums

They sure do make that sushi sound good!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have great weekend!!


Yum! That looks awesome! I wish that I was brave enough to try to make my own sushi.

I love the Banana Beer post too- So clever and cute (as usual)!


nest setup do you make all of these yourself

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