No Camera Blues.....

We have been without a working digital camera for a few days now and we are bored! So we decided to play around on the internet and found these things called name generators. We decided to find out what our various names are and post them for you today. You should try it, its lots of fun!

Guillermo: Chet Axton
Bernardo: Garth Crow

Guillermo: Grandpa Bull Lame
Bernardo: Buddy Bull Lamer

Guillermo: Cap'n Hubert Fancypants Awesome! I love this name
Bernardo: Sea Monkey Randal How did it know I'm a monkey?!?

Lost Nickname Courtesy of Sawyer - Since this is Jen and Brian's favorite show we let them do their names too.
Guillermo: Dr. Quinn
Bernardo: Cowboy
Brian: Big Bad Wolf
Jen: Little Limey Runt what does that even mean?

Guillermo: Dementor Von Absinthe
Bernardo: Strycnine Darkmoon These names are just weird

Guillermo: Ol` Mucky Terrahawk Just call me Mucky
Bernardo: Half-Cut Skeleton

Guillermo: Quincey Jackme
Bernardo: Manly Head There is something wrong with this name.....

Guillermo: Morbid Curiosity Brian says this name is fitting.....
Bernardo: Tempting Trauma Like G-mo's farts?

By the way we have it on good authority that the new digital camera will be here tomorrow. Awesome. We are going to have sooooo much fun playing.


Mama Dawg

I'm K.T. Larue, Belfrey Darkblade, Sassafras (LOST), Loose Lipped Controller and Easy Saint!

How fun!


You know, some of those names makes me wonder if you two don't know Capt. Huggyface from Word Girl?

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