Consumer Reports - Monkey Style - Bump - its

Our first purchase with the 'card' was a set of Bump - its. We had a very difficult time using them. Only one of the three sizes actually worked for monkeys and putting the socks on with them in was also a bit tricky. Here are the two views.

Side View:

Front View:

We look SO AWESOME here!!!!!!

In the end we felt that the Bump - its weren't worth the money. We could only use one out of three, they were hard to maneuver, and we had to be careful while monkeying around because they got stuck in our fur and hurt our heads. We give this product 3 out of ten hoots.

Hoot, Hoot, Hoot!


Ro Magnolia

Yes, but think what they would do for your fur on prom night!!! You would look so stunning with your fur all "bumped" up in an up-do. :D


That is a great idea. We may just have to try that!

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