OMG, a real celebrity came over to our Two Knit Monkey site! He is the well known host of Three Sheets co-hosted by Zane Lamprey. What an honor it is to have him in our neck of the woods!
We had to have a welcoming shot taken before the festivities begin. We are going to show him the drinking traditions in the Gray household.
First off we introduced him to what is known as 'domestic beer'. Normally a better caliber of brew is in the house but when Pleepleus shows up you gotta give him the goods on hand!
After a few of the 'domestics' we introduced him to the tradition of socks on the heads. While playing a functional role of keeping our heads warm they look totally awesome. Please don't let him know he was wearing a baby sock. He oddly got VERY defensive by this so we convinced him Jen (our creator) shrunk the sock in the dryer....... (sorry Jen)
Then we lost Pleepleus for a while in the liquor cabinet. He came back smelling like tequilla but he was in a fantastic mood. To finish off the evening he helped Brian finish off his Juicy adult beverage.
We all had a great night. Pleepleus is currently sleeping it off in the executive suites. I wonder if he will ever get up again!




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