Important Birthdays week and A Special Visiter

This week is full of very important birthdays. Jen's brother turned 40 and her niece turned 6. We wish them both very happy birthdays!

On Tuesday March 2nd it also happened to be Read Across America Day & Dr. Seuss' birthday. We were very surprised when one of our favorite Seuss characters stopped by. It was none other than The Lorax!!!!!
He was great to spend time with. He told us how he speaks for the trees and animals that have no voice of their own. When he told us about the Truffula trees being turned into thneeds, Guillermo initially wanted one! Once he explained what happened to the trees because of the thneeds he quickly changed his mind!

He taught us about the brown barbalutes and how they played in their brown barbalute suits!

The Lorax taught us all about greed, capitalism, and how important it is to preserve out environment. We had a lot to say about that since when we lived in the jungle as young-ins we relied on the trees for many things.

Before he left he made us honorary tree ambassadors and we took an oath to protect the trees and our environment. He also gave us two special seeds! We think they may grow into truffula trees!



LORAX!!! Yay! I love Dr. Suess!! and apparently so do Guillermo and Bernando!


You can get the Lorax for $5.00 at Kohls. Thats where we found ours.


The minkees are homeschooled. Look how attentive they are around the Guest Teacher.


Cute blog premise. I was thinking of creating one about the adventures of soft toys, but I really should do some more work on the blogs I'm already running :).

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