Jen's in the kitchen

When Jen came home from going out to lunch with grand-crator (aka, Jen's mom) she went straight to the kitchen. How strange she was in there after just going out to eat! She quickly came out and gave us all of these stickers to play with. AWESOME!!!!!
Then she let us out on the sunporch to play. What is going on with her today? But who are we to complain. Guillermo decided to hang around upside down for a while.
I was chilling out and tending to the new plants. I like to talk to the plants and encourage them to grow. Hopefully all of the plants will be strong and healthy. I ....... wait a second..........
We have been out here playing for quite a while.......

Jen is nowhere is sight......

I wonder what she is up to, lets go check it out!


Monkey Approved!!!!! Just don't tell her we tried it out.....
For making up the recipe it was delish! I hope she makes it again!



2 bottles dry white wine
1/2 Cup Triple Sec
3/4 Cup Brandy
1 Cup Passion Fruit vodka
2 Cups Orange Juice
1 Cup Simple Syrup
1 can Mango Nector
2 apples - sliced
2 oranges - sliced
1 lemon - sliced

Chill for 2 hours to 2 days. Enjoy!

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